About Us

Our mission is to provide the best printing service for our clients by enhancing their image through service, quality, innovative people and effective communication.


People, Attention To Quality, Customer Focus, Integrity, Compassion, Communication, Communication, and Passion About Our Work.
Our team that is dedicated to providing effective communications and exceptional customer service with integrity and pride in all we do. We are goal oriented with detail to quality and passion about our work.


Big run or small run, count on Valley Offset Printing to deliver your product on time, on budget, and on target with regards to quality. We’ll keep you informed of each step in the operation so there are no surprises. From the initial production, to print and bindery, our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the best product available anywhere in the region.

The history of Valley Offset Printing

“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants as long as it is black”… is a quote attributed to Henry Ford in 1909. Black was also the fashionable color 30 years ago in printing. The Mount Hope Clarion featured that color scheme as it rolled off the press; the first publication printed at Valley Offset Printing, Inc. in March 1988.

Over the past 30 years, printing evolved from handset lead type to the computer age. The electronic age turned many features of printing obsolete. Clients no longer inhale the aroma of a Blueline proof. Artwork pasted to a board, shot by a camera to produce film and stripped into masking sheets to burn plates is now a digital file sent directly to plate by an imaging laser.  Proofs once delivered or mailed for review were then faxed and today travel via email file transfer with clarity and accuracy to the client next door or overseas.

Plates previously hung on the press by hand are now loaded by the press in some cases. Presses also have computer “eyes” to watch color density and registration.

Folding back in the day was pretty basic, simple folds. Half-folds, letter-folds and on occasion an angle fold. Advertising Agencies were not as prevalent as today. As clients wanted to stand out, to grab attention, more creative designs and folds come into existence. Today’s folding machines make more folds for more finishing options.

Addressing pieces for mailings morphed from paper labels adhered by glue to ink-jetting directly on the pieces. Bitmap artwork can be placed on the pieces at the same time as the address once again adding personalization. Franchises can have a map to their location next to their return address. Machines run faster with more precision.

The office copier, once used for a quicker copy than carbon paper in a typewriter transformed into digital presses making small quantity print projects more affordable. The modern day copiers also add the feature of personalized mail pieces in full color; putting the “direct” into direct mailing.

Coatings have advanced from varnishes to aqueous which seals the sheet and eliminates the need for ink dry time. UV coating can add a high gloss finish for top level marketing projects.

Geography of clients has grown from a 50-100 mile radius to across the nation and around the world.

Printing in the future will continue to follow technology with web store fronts. Point and click screens to design, select individual elements and pay. Warehouses will be built to offer fulfillment options with real time inventory. Orders are emailed and confirmation is an email with shipment tracking numbers.

There are nay-sayers who believe the printing industry will go the way of the dinosaur in 30 years. But the industry is as alive as the vision of Mr. Henry Ford. From one color of black for all; to vivid variety of multiple colors for personalized features; print will continue to use technological advancements to evolve in the changing times.